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Symbolically walk the Grand Canyon from rim to rim in 24 days

For 24 days, commit to...

Walk 15 min per day with provided audio

Limit your media intake

Share your story

24 Days to help you...

  1. Find hope and healing in your season

  2. Replace stress and anxiety with God’s peace

  3. Overcome strongholds in your mind

  4. Worship in the midst of doubt and pain

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Trail Bridge

Powerful audio experience every day!

Each day includes...

- Worship

- Instrumental reflection

- 10 minute testimony/devotion from speakers and authors around the world!


First 8 Days:
Hike Down Into The Canyon

Photo Jun 28 2023, 8 05 48 AM.jpg

Middle 8 Days:
Hike Through The Canyon


Last 8 Days:
Hike Out of The Canyon

  1. Josh & Matthew McGinley, Ascent Project

  2. Brian Smith, Hope Church Movement

  3. Cyrus Mad-bondo, World Help

  4. Alex Seeley, The Belonging Co

  5. Matt Thiessen, CRU & Jesus Film Project

  6. Parker & Jess Manuel, Pinewood Church

  7. Jeff Lucas, Author/Speaker

  8. Descension Reflections

9. Aaron Lucas, Citipointe Church

10. Emilie McCormack, Breakaway Ministries

11. Dick Foth, Speaker/Author

12. Dary Northrop, Timberline Church

13. Christa Hahn, His Little Feet

14. Mackenzie Matthews, Timberline Church

15. Kevin & Cindy McGinley, SouthGate Church

16. Across the Valley Reflections

17. Dr Jerry Root, Professor, Author, Speaker

18. Rob Ketterling, River Valley Church

19. Jeff & Natalie Faust, Vineyard of the Rockies

20. John Mark Comer, Author/Speaker

21. Reza Zadeh, AIA & Denver Broncos Chaplain

22. Blake Bush, CO House of Prayer

23. Jesse Bradley, Grace Community Church

24. Ascension Reflections

Altar in the Valley - Ascent Project - Logo Black

Experience hope and healing as you symbolically walk the grand canyon from rim to rim in 24 days. During this journey you will walk for 15-20 minutes per day and we will provide an audio experience designed for you to listen to as you walk. You will be encouraged and uplifted by worship music recorded specifically for this experience, hear from incredible speakers and authors around the world, and you will be given space for reflection and prayer. 


If you are unable to go on a walk each day for any reason, we encourage you to participate however you are able.

The experience is available for everyone, you can start any time, and is completely FREE!



About the Altar in the Valley Experience

  • Who is the experience for?
    The experience is for everyone! We specifically created the experience for people struggling with depression, anxiety, pain, or trials of any kind.
  • Do I have to walk?
    No, we realize there are a variety of reasons why doing a walk may be hard for people. Feel free to listen to the audio experience wherever you are, we simply suggest setting aside an intentional time and place where you can listen and participate.
  • Do I have to walk a full mile every day?
    No you don't have to. We have designed the audio experiences to last 15-20 minutes each which is the approximate time it takes to walk a mile at a decent pace. Feel free to walk at your own pace for as long as the audio lasts or you can go as far as you want!
  • Does the experience cost money?
    No it is completely free! No credit card required. Altar in the Valley is completely funded by donations. If you feel led to give you can do so here
  • Can I do the experience with my church or small group?
    Yes! We believe the experience is best when done in community. We have provided an online community but it is also really powerful to go through as a church or small group. For more information, promotional resources, and help from our team, click here

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