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Grand Canyon - Altar in the Valley


Walk With God through the Trials of Life

Join the 24 Day Experience!


Symbolically walk the Grand Canyon from rim to rim in 24 days. ​

24 Days to help you...

  1. Find hope and healing in your season

  2. Replace stress and anxiety with God’s peace

  3. Overcome strongholds in your mind

  4. Worship in the midst of doubt and pain

Grand Canyon North Rim to South Rim Trail Map Progress

Join a Community and commit to...

1. Walk 15-20 minutes per day with audio

We'll provide you a unique audio accompaniment for your walk with worship, instrumental reflection,

and a devotion from a different speaker/author each day.

2. Limit Media Intake

Set limits on social media and other media intake and replace it with the experience

3. Share your story

You don't have to walk this season alone. Share your story with someone you know and with the Altar in the Valley community.


Now Available on the YouVersion Bible App!

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Altar in the Valley is a ministry of Ascent Project, a church and worship movement based out of Fort Collins, CO.

Image by Akira Hojo

24 Day Experience for churches

Go through the experience together as a church!

Image by Akira Hojo
Altar in the Valley - Ascent Project -  Album Cover

Listen to the Album

Altar in the Valley - Ascent Project


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Every purchase helps more people go through the experience


The Story Behind the Project

   "Over the past few years, I've had close friends struggle with mental health, trials, and suicidal thoughts. In the thick of some of those times and through personal hardships, we wrote worship songs that proclaim the truth about who God is, no matter the circumstances. 

   We felt like God was highlighting a theme; so we created a music album around it, but we didn't want to stop there. We wanted to create an entire experience for people around the world to walk with God through their trials and find His hope, His peace, and His presence with them, .

   This summer we hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim and we have created an experience to bring people on this journey with us wherever they are.

   Through the 24 day experience and the resources and community you find here, our prayer is you find hope and healing as you walk with God through the trials you're facing" 

- Matthew McGinley, Ascent Project

Altar in the Valley - Grand Canyon Trail Bridge
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